Friday, 13 August 2010

All the ideas whizzing

So far it seems that I have more projects than time........ I start the new job on Monday with two inservice days.... then into the primary schools absolutely terrifying for a secondary teacher.... (what if they pee on me?? or tug on my skirt and it falls down; give me knife threats and stroppy teenagers and I'm fine go figure)

So the projects waiting to be started are....... the Sencha blouse brought as a pack from sewbox... it was ordered yesterday and arrived today talk about fast I am mightly impressed with that and also the fact that I could buy all I needed in a oner talk about a god send for a newbie...

I'm doing the navy polka dots one.... fabric is in the washer as we speak.

Then I have the prairie dress pattern from my favourite things which I got from m is for make.

Now this is a dilema in the making I have some amy butler fabric I brought in John Lewis which is 100% quilters cotton........ love paradise garden in perwinkle.... which would be nice but having read flossie teacups blog about using quilters cotton for dress making erghhhh I don't know....
Maybe I will just make a skirt out of it.
I keep on visiting m is for make and lusting after the Anna maria horner voiles.... especially the ink one.... but that may need to be payday.

Ho hum then I have all this other fabric crying out to be made into something but what as its all quilters cotton maybe a quilt.

Also L is being really weepy and whingey today which is horride as it seems to be a new phase of sorts............... anything doesn't go her way or say no then its tears..... and trembling bottom lip.
I have to admit that it just relies me rather than elicts my sympathy....bad mum.

All I have achieved today is to take up one pair of trousers.........

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