Monday, 18 October 2010

Serendipity skirt

This is the skirt I made whilst off sick.... It now is also a wee bit too loose but I love the amy butler fabric combo

The ruffled pocket detail is also pretty neat even if I say so myself

Roundabout top

This top is now finished and looks okay ish on.............. its my bust that causes the trouble.... being an E cup when the rest of me is relatively smaller.... I know I know some people have surgery for these sizes....

I need to learn to do fuller bust alterations.....

I also need to work on necklines and sleeves.... but overall I'm quite happy with the top....
and I must say I am a total convert to voile it drapes so well...
I am getting better at making clothes the more often I do it so maybe one day I'll be happy with what I make...

and then I may also learn not to have a double chin as well....
maybe thats what happens when a 4 3/4yr old is your photographer or maybe its too much chocolate and coke cola...

Pictures of Sencha Blouse

Finally got around to these pictures
the back
the front not so great but L is the photographer

I have also lost bust weight since I made this so now its slightly baggy a few alterations maybe required